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In India, any new habit or change in lifestyle gets challenged within family as it is born out of patriarchy. The film understands this while acknowledging the force behind the winds of change. The innocence of childhood is used to dispense golden words of wisdom. This completely disarms the father and his resistance to change. And hence, ‘Making Everyday Healthy’ emerges as the most suitable and organic solution for a conflict over the breakfast table. Mother’s delight, daughter’s pride and father’s nod says it all. It’s a promise to keep.

Festive Campaign

Bengaluru, November 2020 – Phoenix Marketcity, India’s leading brand in Retail and Real Estate Management needed a campaign to reignite the festive spirit in these uncertain times. 

We were aware of the latent need in all of us to stay positive. To be able to reclaim what we lost. ‘Let’s bounce back’ got all this emotion packed in just three words. No wonder we ended up making two stories instead of one. They capture the beauty of knowing that we need each other to stay safe, protected, prosper and enjoy the festivities. Phoenix is not just a mall but also an extension of our home where we spend our precious time with the ones we like. And like a family we understand each other, we need each other. That’s how love works.

Anulom Vilom Chillom

A quirky electronic fusion to remember the beat of the year that almost refused to leave. 

Poet: Anshu Sharma 

Composed by: Yashvardhan Prasad

 Konakkol by: Viveick Rajagopalan

 Aalaaps by: Isheeta Chakrvarty  

Vocals by: Raman Mahadevan and Suraj Jagan 

Producer and guide: Arthjam 

Covert art: Arthat Studio

Nazaraan Ve

Nazraan Ve – The Paradox We are an outcome of our decisions. It is always about making a choice. Good or bad, right or wrong, to believe or not, to love or to hate, to get busy living or to get busy dying? All conflicts can be traced to the dual nature of our perspective. And the beauty is, that they need each other to exist. After all, what meaning does ‘good’ hold in absence of ‘bad’? That is the paradox and eyes are at the center of it. 

Poet and lyricist: Shellee 

Composer and Singer: Anirudh Bhola

Producer and guide: Arthjam 

Covert art: Arthat Studio


Brand Stories

In today’s digital age, as content makers are we are bound to experiment with latest technology but we still need a great positioning idea to begin with. It’s our past experience and belief that it leads to identifiable stories and memorable brand work. Here we have featured some of our work that met this criteria and thus easily surpassed all performance and effectiveness standards of its time.